Recent Booktalk Presentaion Slides

November 5, 2015

October was a busy month for booktalking. Booktalks are one of the favorite aspects of my job. Also, I haven’t posted in awhile so I thought I’d provide some of my slides for my presentations.

I am not including my actual booktalks here, because I tend to enjoy talking off the cuff for a more natural feel. I could, of course, write that down, which would be helpful … but I have not.

Either way, here are some booktalks I have been presenting lately. After having some success with Gifs in booktalks at a high school last year, they have invaded. How did I ever communicate before gifs, memes, and emojis? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We do monthly booktalks at a local middle school on a variety of genres. I love the required reader from this instructor, because it allows students to read outside of their comfort zone and perhaps find something new. We have three classes so we use three different presentations. Click here for our 6th grade mystery talk: 9_20_2014 Mysteries

I also went to a local high school and discussed read-a-likes for our top 20 books and/or series. This class does Silent Sustained Reading at the beginning of each class, so the teacher is always looking for titles. These classes were especially into Noggin and Zeroboxer. Click here for my freshman booktalks: 10_20_2015 HHS Fershmern

Finally, I spoke with the honors English classes. They have a really cool project where they have to do character profiles (the assignment is on the second slides). We had checkout during these booktalks and the books went like crazy. I had to adjust my second booktalks, and shave a title because I was talking too long in the first. Here are my honors freshman talks: 10-28-2015 HHS Honors Fershmern11-02-2015 HHS Honors Fershmern


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