Song Pop

November 7, 2013

Young Adult Activities

Sometimes adapting popular social media games can be an easy draw for teens. Last spring a teen asked us to make a SongPop game. We did a trail run during our Summer Lock-In and made some tweaks and improvements for a bigger version this fall. If you are unfamiliar, SongPop is essentially Name that Tune. To run the game you will need something to play music from and on. You can download all the songs or you could use Spotify or Youtube (try Disco). SongPop uses categories and multiple choice, so I set up a simple Jeopardy-style Powerpoint  (Double Jeopardy) for our version of the game. After this the set-up and running of the game is pretty simple. We had two teams. Each team sent up one competitor at a time. Each competitor had a white board and marker and there was a bell on the…

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