Hip-Hop Meets YA: Camp and Paper Towns

July 23, 2012

A while ago there was a great post on The Hub matching the heroes of The Avengers to young adult books. I’d been thinking of doing something similar matching my two loves – hip-hop and YA. So here is my first, brief entry.

The Album: Childish Gambino – Camp

Gambino, the alter ego of Donald Glover, is sometimes earnest and sometimes brash. He’s always hilarious. And he nails unrequited love in an open letter at the end of Camp. Let’s face it, if John Green ever wrote a nerdy rapper falling for a girl out of his league … well, Gambino would be that rapper.

The Book: John Green – Paper Towns

There will always be arguments over Green’s books. You know, do teens really talk like that? (Some do.) Or, Which is the best John Green book? (It’s Paper Towns.) Paper Towns is hilarious and suspenseful. There are moments of shocking dread. Where is Margo takes a deeper, more thoughtful turn into Who is Margo? It’s a beautiful book that looks honestly at how teens define themselves, and how they sometimes choose to hide.

Both Gambino and Green deal with deep issues of identity with humor and honesty making them a match made in heaven.

I have been playing around with Spotify recently. I want to hate it. But it is pretty awesome. And I have had teens tell me it is the greatest thing they have ever discovered. So you can listen to Camp if you are a Spotify user. Otherwise, please find it by legal means. It is an incredible album.


One Response to “Hip-Hop Meets YA: Camp and Paper Towns”

  1. Thank God I’m not alone in my knowledge that Paper Towns beats all the others.

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