Beat the Dictator – Name this Book #2!

September 15, 2011

Can you beat me?

I am actually doing this post a week before it is posted. I hope the first one went over well. This is actually kind of cool because this week’s book deals with time travel.

Here are the basics from the first post: Librarians tend to get these strange requests from patrons . . . as in, “I am looking for this book with an orange cover that as written by a teenager and I read it a few years ago like 2007. Do you know what that book is?” Invariably we do not, so we go to the professional Listserv for answers. My game is sort of like that. My clues lead to one specific book. But they may be obscure. They may not make any sense. But can you put them all together and name this book?

Some other bits of boring clarifying information:

  1. All the beat the dictator books are Young Adult books (they were published YA or were selected by YALSA as great books for teens.)
  2. Please leave comments on my blog, although Twitter is fine too.
  3. Pictures and elements are not neccisarily static clues. Try clicking them to see if they have more info.

One more clue about the “Orange Book”:  The book is fantasy.

On to the clues. This one is a little tougher.

Clue #1:

Clue #2:

Clue #3:

Learn how to use Excel as a writing tool.

That’s It. Good Luck! And if you want . . . Try your hand at the first challenge.


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