Review: Romeo x Juliet (anime)

March 24, 2011

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Ikeda, T. (Producer). (2004). Romeo x Juliet. [Web]. Retrieved from

This anime version of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is heavy on the teen angst, romance, and melodrama that many high school-aged teens have to read.  However, it is also heavy on flying horses, sword fights, and a fun conspiracy plot to keep even the most ardent Shakespeare haters (me!) entertained.  The show does go the rail, with a pretty strange fantasy, tree of life story that runs through the show but goes batty in the last episode.  Also, besides the political wheelings, dealings, and killings, there are few surprises from the show.  Most viewers will know what is going to happen to the young lovers.  Most will just enjoy the ride.


Those interested can watch the first episode below.



2 Responses to “Review: Romeo x Juliet (anime)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m wondering how on the bloody hell you can hate Shakespeare but love this anime. Shakespeare is one of the best writers ever. That’s not a matter of taste. It’s a fact.
    How can you hate him? Have you read his plays, his sonnets?

    • Scott Says:

      I was a theatre major so I had a lot of overanalyzing Shakespeare. I am also more of a fan of contemporary venacular, which has its own beats and rhythm. That said, it is quite fun to act in Shakespeare. But I would also like to point out that it is not a fact that he is one of the greatest writers, that is an opinion, much like my opinion of the anime.

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